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I have a theory. Instead of forcing yourself to do the parts of your business where you procrastinate the most, why not delegate them?

“Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.” ~ Steve Jobs

These past few weeks I learned a hard lesson with the launch of my latest project, MORE. It’s a lesson that many of you may find silly but it’s something that took me way too long to grasp. Having a marketing strategy in place before I even start designing or coding is essential to any projects’ success. And while I think it’s something I always knew, I’ve half-assed that part of the process, a lot.

Though I’ve been eager to understand how to market my projects successfully, this hunger to learn was also clouding my judgement. Instead of asking for help, I tried to do it all myself, just to say I did it. Granted, this wasn’t just about pride, I was also being budget conscious. But while I’d love to learn how to drive traffic or sales to everything I do, I also want to spend most of my time doing the parts of my business that I enjoy. So if my budget allows for it, why not?

At first I thought I was weak and lazy. But for anyone that has an accountant or H&R Block do their taxes, are they lazy too or just smart?

The fact is marketing has always been hard for me because I don’t know how to sell without feeling like I’m selling. So instead, I procrastinate. I put off making that list of blogs to reach out to, scheduling content for social media or drafting those emails for influencers till the very last minute.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still parts of marketing that I love. I enjoy brainstorming new ways to market my new ventures and I get excited about executing upon certain strategies but there are still other parts I just don’t like doing. So, I’ve decided to delegate. Delegate the parts where I procrastinate the most.

Delegating a task is not just to have one thing less on your plate. It’s also a way to ensure it gets done and gets done right. It gives you more time to do the parts of your business that you love. It gives you a chance to learn from someone who does it better and enjoys doing what you hate. It can increase the chances of success for a project and give you peace of mind. It’s something I’m willing to try and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Where do you procrastinate the most? Is it something you can, should and would delegate? Does your budget allow for it?

Happy Hump Day!
– Kim Goulbourne aka “Bourn”

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