How was your weekend?

Do you really want to know?

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Almost every Monday morning I go to work, I seem to dread the sweet question everyone uses to make small talk while making their morning coffee:

How was your weekend? What did you do?

I dread this question because my answer is typically the same and quite boring (to them):

It was good. I worked…

I try not to say much else because I don’t want to bore them with the details if they’re not truly interested. Some people are shocked I spend my weekends working. Some are proud or intrigued. Some hope I didn’t bring work home. And once I had someone hope to hear a new answer soon because they worried for me. I laughed and played along and shifted uncomfortably into the other leg.

What not many people seem to understand is, I’m working hard now so I don’t have to work hard later.

“Entrepreneurship (or as I like to call it “building a life you love”) is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” — Anonymous

If you have a side hustle now that you’re trying to get off the ground or you already took that jump to working on your passion full time, you’ve tasted what it takes. It takes passion, perseverance and persistence. You have to be willing to give up one night of relaxing for one night of working. You have to be willing to spend your mornings, nights and weekends devoted to pushing the needle on your goals. And then give yourself a break or two but deserve every second of it.

Weekends are my baby

I love weekends because they are two full days that I can spend as I please with no obligations (unless an event, birthday or something important comes up). I covet these days because it’s when I get most of the heavy lifting done on my projects such as UX, design or dev.

My friends know this routine by now that they hesitate before asking me to come out or they drag me out if I’ve been in the routine too long (I treasure them so much). But for the most part I’m undisturbed and in the zone.

So what do I really want to tell you when you ask me how my weekend was (let’s say on the Monday after I finished some dev work for Bitter Renter)?

I want to tell you that it was awesome and hard. I want to tell you how spent 2 days hooking up a PostgresSQL database via Rails for Bitter Renter and it was an insane learning experience because it’s nothing like PHP and MySQL. I want to tell you how I made an intentional decision to focus on the back-end even though the page was horrible to look at but the front-end had to wait, because I had to conquer this beast. I want to tell you that even though it took me 10 hours to truly understand polymorphic associations (a term that you would have to jump in and help me find) it was the best thing I’ve learned in my entire dev career. You would laugh because I’m being dramatic. I want to tell you that I love weekends because I get to go all in on my work like this, but I’m also exhausted and really wish I could be in bed right now.

But I say none of that.

Instead I smile and give the same answer I did last Monday because it’s still so hard for me to be proud to say, I had a great weekend. I worked tirelessly to get one step closer to my dream.

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